Why Choose simpler dental?

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When it comes to picking a dentist, we know that you have options. Personalized, gentle, comprehensive patient care is our number one priority.

Here are just a few things that make our practice unique:

SImpler promise

  1. A straightforward Simpler Fee Schedule that is competitive with most PPO insurance plans. Our pricing for services is available to patients ahead of time for their review, with no hidden costs, fees, or surprises.
  2. Dental coverage should not be as complicated as the insurance companies make them. If you already have a dental plan you would like to take advantage of that’s no problem and we will help facilitate it. But for those who don’t have dental insurance, or are looking to get more out of their dental insurance, we have created our own Simpler Insurance plans. By cutting out the insurance middle man, we are able to apply those savings to our patients so they can maximize their dental benefits.
  3. We promise to provide the highest quality of care and we mean it! We will stand by our services and care by providing you with a limited Simpler Care Warranty to ensure you are satisfied with the care and services you have received.  
  4. If your case is complex requiring the expertise of a dental specialist, we will not waste your time or money by attempting to provide questionable care. We will either provide you with a dental specialist in-house, or we will refer and guide you to a specialist to receive the best treatment possible.

simpler care warranty

Any procedure that fails within 1 year we will replace/redo for free minus any associated lab fees.*
*This warranty is subject to patient examination and will require patients to have adhered to post-treatment instructions. For example, smoking after extractions and dental implant placement, or if you get a root canal but do not follow up for the crown and the tooth fractures would be examples of situations not covered under the warranty.  

Simpler insurance plans

No Deductibles, No waiting periods, No copayments, No cosmetic exclusions for you to worry about! 
Annual payments are required upfront and are good for 1 year from the day you sign up.
Simpler Preventative Plan ($395 Annually)
  • 1 annual comprehensive exam with X-rays  
  • 1 six month check-up with bitewing X-rays
  • 1 Emergency visit per year with X-rays
  • 2 oral cancer screenings 
  • 2 Fluoride treatments
  • 2 annual basic prophy cleanings (Only for patients without healthy gums)
  • 20% off deep cleaning (for patients with gum disease and heavy tartar build-up)
Simpler Basic Plan  ($795 Annually) – Most popular
  • Includes everything  in the Simpler Preventative plan 
  • 1 annual night guard or tooth whitening service
  • 10% off any dental services
Simpler Plus ($1295 Annually): 
  • Includes everything  in the Simpler Basic plan 
  • 20% off any additional services 

simpler fee schedule 

Our list of fees is related to the most commonly needed dental care. If you have a specific need and it is something that we can do for you, we will be happy to discuss pricing options related to your care or guide you in the right direction. 
The list of fees can be found here.

Give us a call today at Simpler Dental Phone Number 202-545-7774! You’ll be happy you chose us for your dental needs!